Ormulogun: generating an EPUB puzzle book

I have added yesterday a jl_to_epub script in Ormulogun to convert a list of puzzles into an EPUB puzzle book. I am moderately satisfied with the result, but the process was frustrating. Mostly for technical reasons, but also because the testing process is quite long and convoluted (generate book, reboot ereader, mount, copy book, unmount, eject, wait for database to update on the reader, open book—the whole process takes several minutes).

Here is a result in Calibre's ebook viewer (two pages side by side):

And here is how it looks on my ereader (KO Reader running on an old Kobo Touch; the aliasing is less pronounced on the actual eink display):

Good stuff

Bad surprises

Unknown width, 1:1 aspect ratio.

Possible improvements

What are the use cases for something like this? Ereader displays are great, especially with regards to battery usage and readability in very bright environments. If you need to look at the board for 15 minutes, you can do so without wasting battery, unlike phones and tablets. The drawback is that you lose the interactivity of the website version, but in that regard it's no different than a regular puzzle book. Just like regular books, it can also be used offline, which comes in useful when travelling.